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Social Emotional Learning

Children and teens today are growing up in a very challenging world. Volatility, adversity, enormous amounts of stress and anxiety, trepidation, fear, sadness, isolation, lack of motivation, feeling disconnected, all while experiencing pressures to succeed. Although difficult, social emotional learning (SEL) has been shown to help people acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to:

• Understand and manage emotions

• Set and achieve positive goals

• Feel and show empathy for others

• Establish and maintain positive relationships

• Make responsible decisions

If your child or teenager is not working to his / her potential, lacks optimism about their future, is struggling with decision making, lacks healthy coping skills, has difficultly communicating, fails to take accountability, faces conflict, or struggles with stress management, enhancing social emotional learning skills can enable them to work toward self-actualization and become the best version of themselves

SEL has shown to:

• Improve self-worth

• Mitigate stress and anxiety

• Advance pro-social behaviors

• Decrease behavioral problems and emotional stress

• Enhance resilience and academic achievement

• Augment motivation, engagement, and hope

• Boost college and career readiness

I would love to work with your child or teenager to help him / her identify and build upon their strengths in order to help them achieve their goals

-Alli Paolini

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