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Hilary Dwyer, M.Ed., LPC-A

Anxiety | Coping Skills | Relationship Issues

90 Minute Intake


90 Minute Followup


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1 Hour Intake


1 Hour Followup


803 - 323 - 8158

Superbill provided for insurance reimbursement.

About Me

I assist high-performing women to manage stress and alleviate the anxiety and self-doubt that prevents them from succeeding personally and professionally. How we go about doing this varies greatly by the what is triggering your cycle of anxiety and what is most important to you. Anxiety is one of the most common health problems worldwide, but motivated clients can feel better without medication or long-term therapy. In addition to standard sessions, I offer extended 90-minute sessions so we can be as productive as possible each time we meet.

I will help you build personal habits and routines that make you more resilient to stressors, adopt skills to emotionally-regulate during challenging times, and help explore and let go of the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that reinforce negative cycles.

We usually consider our symptoms to be entirely negative. However, I will show you how even your most self-defeating beliefs are a positive reflection of your deepest values. Let us honor what is beautiful in you and determine with this new perspective what real change is needed, eliminating the tendency to cling to what is not working in your life.

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